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A Bit About Us

We host an international team that thrives on the contrasts of its rich individual backgrounds, all united by the same passion for compelling imaginary. We see things from many different angles being a team that combines under one roof a group of photographers, graphic designers, printers. We know each other well and have worked on big projects together. We work closely as a team and always respect each other’s point of view, making sure our rich debates fuel our creative output.

Meet The Team

We are equipped with the following state of the art infrastructure

Omer N Raja
(Director Photography / Marketing)

Saad Nusrullah
Partner & Head IP Division

Mohsin Nusrullah
Partner, Head Corporate & MCD

Rabia Waqar
Head of Creative Department

Ali Ismail Aziz
Head of Business Development

Awais Choudry
Head of Quality Department

Awais Ahmed
Head of Information Technology

Yasir Ghani
Head of Marketing


An ISO 9001-2008, and HACCP certified company Established in 1963 as Off-Set printers. It had captured a large chunk of the corporate printing industry. Our Philosophy is simple: to make a difference in creating perception communication has to provoke, inspire, and strengthen an emotional & aesthetical bond with the viewer. We devise visual solutions that bring your ideas, products and services to lime light. Our performance outshines for its originality yet we make sure that our prime focus remains on business objectives.

Quality Policy

We believe that in order for quality to be fully integrated, we should encompass the whole transaction, going beyond product quality to considering the environment and customer relationships and this is reflected in our Integrated Management System (IMS). This seamless integration of our Quality Management and Environment Management systems provides the best quality of printed products that always meets and exceeds customer’s expectations, at minimal environment impact. In striving to prove our competence in the global arena, we are proud to have achieved the following international accreditation’s:


ISO 9001

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